Chad McLeod for Lakeland City Commissioner
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Chad's Plan


Chad’s Plan for Lakeland

A Strong Local Economy

A strong, vibrant economy is essential to Lakeland’s future. As a local small business owner in downtown Lakeland, I will be an advocate for making our city a place where businesses of all sizes can grow and thrive. This includes:

  • Low taxes

  • Customer-service focused government

  • A strong quality of life

Smart & Sustainable Government 

As a city commissioner, I will be an advocate for smart and sustainable government that is accountable to our taxpayers. I will push for policies that are an efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

  • Good stewards of our taxpayer dollars

  • Transparent in our decisions

  • Accountable to the citizens of Lakeland

Opportunities for Future Generations

When I think about my kids and what Lakeland will be like when they’re grown, I want our city to be among the best places in Florida to live, work and raise a family — a place where our next generation will want to stay.

  • Quality education

  • High-paying jobs

  • Competitive with other cities

Chad on the Issues

Lakeland Electric

Lakeland Electric is a tremendous asset to our community. There are many cities out there that would love to have an organization like Lakeland Electric and what it gives back to the community every year. I do not see a need to make a change to the city’s charter as it relates to Lakeland Electric. Read my blog post on Lakeland Electric…

Municipal Broadband

While the idea of becoming a “gigabit city” is intriguing, I have concerns about the city’s ability to compete long-term with private telecom companies as well as changing and emerging technologies in the industry. At this point, I do not see this as a good investment of Lakeland’s taxpayer dollars. Read my blog post on municipal broadband…

Public Safety & First Responders

Public safety is one of the most important services that government provides to its residents. To ensure a strong quality of life, people have to feel safe in their homes, schools and workplaces. As the son of the late Auburndale police chief and former Bartow police officer Nolan McLeod, I will be an advocate for our police officers, firefighters, EMS and others who put their lives on the line every day to keep our community safe. 

Economic Development

Keeping our Lakeland economy growing is critical for the future of our community. I want to see more high-paying jobs coming to our area — resulting in more opportunities for our future generations to make Lakeland their home. As a city commissioner, I will help promote a culture at city hall that works alongside our local business community and business leaders, creating an environment that draws new business to Lakeland and allows companies to grow, invest and thrive. 

Transportation & Infrastructure

Florida is experiencing incredible growth, with many new residents moving to our state and the greater Lakeland/Polk County area every month. As we think about our roads, infrastructure and city planning, I will push for policies that are strategic, forward-looking and designed to help Lakeland grow in a sustainable way. 

Small Business + Entrepreneurship Advocacy

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2013 when I started a public relations firm. As a local small business owner, I can relate to my fellow entrepreneurs in town, who are out working hard every day to build a sustainable business, and I will be a voice for the small business community — working to make our city one of the best places in Florida for entrepreneurs. 

Downtown Lakeland

Working in downtown Lakeland, it’s exciting to envision what our downtown could become. I am encouraged by our Downtown Catalyst Plan and want to see a bustling, vibrant place that attracts new businesses, draws a steady stream of visitors, and becomes a favorite spot for Lakelanders and their families to enjoy. 



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