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From the Blog: Municipal Broadband

My vision for Lakeland includes a strong local economy, smart and sustainable government, and opportunities for our future generations. When it comes to smart government, I always want to make sure that as city leaders we are good stewards of our taxpayer dollars and that any new program, venture or initiative is a good deal for our city and the residents we serve. 

Municipal broadband — when a city or local government becomes an internet service provider — is a popular topic right now. The City of Lakeland has worked with consultants for several years to study the possibility of creating a broadband utility and selling high-speed internet service to residents and businesses. While the idea of potentially being able to provide better, faster and cheaper internet service to the community sounds appealing, I have strong reservations about the city getting into the internet business. 

At this point, I’m concerned about long-term competition with telecommunications companies as well as changing and emerging technologies that could significantly affect internet service providers over the next 20-30 years. Local governments aren’t designed to go head-to-head with the private sector, especially against tech giants that would be prepared to compete on price. 

I understand that some see this as a potential opportunity for economic development and a significant source of new revenue for our city. However, the risks are high and if this venture failed, it would come at a great cost to the city and to Lakeland taxpayers. I favor focusing on the core city services we currently provide while finding ways to encourage the private sector to offer the internet network services we need for the future.

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