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From the Blog: Smart + Sustainable Government

The more I talk with my fellow Lakelanders about our city’s future, the more I excited I am about the potential for Lakeland over the next 20 years. As I have shared with many of you recently, my vision for Lakeland’s future includes smart and sustainable government — government that is fiscally responsible, focused on customer service and accountable to the residents. 

As city leaders, it is critical that we are good stewards and protectors of our taxpayer dollars, always able to justify our spending decisions and the ways we use government resources. The City of Lakeland has an annual budget of more than $600 million and provides services to more than 100,000 residents every year. Managing our budget well is a crucial part of the city commission’s role. Financial stability is the foundation for a strong city and allows us to provide essential services that are vital to the future of our community, including public safety, roads and infrastructure, water and more. 

I often mention to people that my experience of working for U.S. Senator Mel Martinez shaped the way I view the role of government — especially in terms of constituent service. While regularly working with Floridians on federal issues such as Social Security, Medicare, veterans issues and many others, I learned the importance of making government accessible, transparent and responsive to people’s concerns. 

When citizens interact with their government – from City Hall to Capitol Hill – the experience should be pleasant and easy to navigate. As a city commissioner, I will advocate for making our government services accessible, easy to understand and citizen-centered. 

Want to chat more about Lakeland’s future? I would love to meet you for coffee — my office is next to Mitchell’s in downtown Lakeland. Contact me at

Chad McLeod